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These are the Featured Sites of the Month Winners, each site is, in my opinion excellent! Every month we will pick a Site on our travels that we especially like and design an award custom made for that site! They are all family friendly with, great stories, pictures, all kinds of info and all around just great entertainment....Take a moment to check them out for yourself, you'll be glad you did!
Chewbacca is a 7 year old long-coat chihuahua. His Mom almost lost him to IMHA a little over 3 years ago. IMHA is a disease which causes the immune system to attack it's own red blood cells. His veterinary bills ran close to $4,000 which she gladly paid to save him. He has been on medications for that for the past 3 years and this has led to several other problems.

He recently spent more time in the animal hospital and has been diagnosed with diabetes, and possibly Cushings Disease. He will likely require insulin for life. He was hospitalized for about a week but still had a high white blood cell count, and ketones in his urine due to the diabetes. The vet says this is a life threatening complication of diabetes, but that he is stable, and should be able to come home after the ketones are gone, and his insulin is regulated.
' Please Help Save Chewbacca - March and April 2005, Site of the Month'

I was approved for a "Care Credit" account, (basically a revolving charge account through his vet) but his expenses have exceeded the limit on that. His bills this time have exceeded $8000 I don't want to lose my baby, so I am doing whatever it takes.

If you think you can help please visit Chewbacca's website and make a donation, and please pass this link on to your friends. We all know how it feels to be helpless when it comes to the health of our furkids, and having to worry about finances when they are sick is devastating. Every penny can help ease that burden, thank you for caring!!

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