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Awards We've Won !
Thanks to all who have honored us with their awards!
We have received many awards from some wonderful people so this page
takes awhile to load, but it's worth the wait to visit these sites!

Dorissimo's Oscat WinnerClick me! Click me!
for August 1998!
Honorable Mention!
Apply for award by clicking the kitty!
Heartland Pet TagFor Cats and Cat Lovers -
Tigger April 99' Site
Jed's Award Of Excellence Cat & Kittens Award Of Excellence Scratching Post Award Cat & Kittens Award Of Excellence Beanie's Cattitude Award Dixieland Pet Contest 1st.Place Amelia's Page Of Beauty Award 'Purrs and Leg Rubs' Award Dog's Award G-Spot's Award Catnip Purrs Purry Furrtastic Catsite Award Ninja School Graduates Minnie's Best Site Award Purrty Site Award Bitsy Acatemy Awards Bitsy Award Abby Award Bojangles Tuxedo Award Sharif's Heaven and Earth Award 'Feline Territory Award' Mime's Fancy Site award True Cat Lover Award Muffins Beautiful Rainbow Bridge Pet Page award Mr Bo Jangles Tuxedo Award Boomer's Power Of Love Award Cappy's Cup'O Cattacino Award Dixieland Friendship Award Dixieland Wildlife Award Puurrr Of Delight Award Joey's Mistic Award Paws-itively Purr-Fect Award 'Showbiz Award' 'Hiedi Award'




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