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Shelbee is actually my sisters cat although she's been here for going on 3 years. My sister is having some personal problems so we're taking care of Shelbee and her brother Snyder.

Shelbee is a demure little thing, she probably only weighs about 5 or six pounds... but don't let that fool you she's a rascal sometimes. She likes to pick on my little Teenye who of course doesn't like her. She'll sneak up on Teenye when she's sleeping and pounce on her. She has her fiesty moods where she'll get after the other kitties all of them bigger than her, she and her brother Snyder where declawed when my sister got them (we absolutely disagree with declawing and would NEVER do this to any of our furkids, but there was nothing we could do about it after the fact). Their previous owners were moving and couldn't take them (give me a break, do you give up your kids or look for an apartment that lets you have kids?). We figure her to be about 9 years old (now - 2002) ... some of my pet names for her are Sheb Sheb's, Selby babies and Sebby girls.

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