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Kitty Paws

JANUARY 1998 (HAPPY NEW YEAR)!: Well the holidays are finally over, and the kitties were their well behaved tree eating selves. I went to the pet store to get some of that bitter apple stuff (its suppose to discourage chewing on stuff ... yea right), they assured me it would work. I should have known better, with the strange eating habits our kitties have, no tree again this year! Oh well...

FEBRUARY 7th 1998 - We took the kitties in for their vaccinations, and had everyone tested for FELV (except Bailey, he's already positive). All the tests came back negative. YEA, this means the vaccine is doing it's job! We Thank God for keeping our babies healthy.

BAILEY: He's decided he really likes my coffee creamer (it's the flavored-powdered kind), he would want it before once in a while. Now I can't get a cup of coffee without him dashing in the kitchen and leaping on the counter and staring at me until I give him some. He really LOVES it! (I thought cats didn't have a sweet tooth!)

SHELBEE and SNYDER (February): Looks like they'll be going to their new home in a month or two. My sister finally got an apartment, as soon as she has the money for a pet deposit, they'll be going home. We'll miss them around here. -- ( May 8th) Psssst...Shelbee and Snyder are still here, but we don't mind we kinda like having them around!

BLUE RIBBON: We were honored by being the Blue Ribbon recipients for the week of March 30th thru April 5th. This designation is given out by the Heartland Pet Gazette, your featured on their front page for a week with a description of your page encouraging fellow webbers to visit your site. The Blue Ribbon is actually passed on by each site holding it for the current week. We were happy to pass it on to Jeff and Dianes Cat House, this site is very informative on cat health issues, we have a link to them on our links page check them out!

TRAVEL SCHOOL (April 24th, 1998): Hi, I've been busy going to travel school, so I haven't been updating as well as I should have been (sorry). I'm real excited about school though, in 2 more weeks we graduate, it's exciting and scary (now I'll have to find a job), and it's been ALOT of fun. If your getting ready to take a vacation, be sure to let me help plan it for you, I'll make it the Vacation Experience of a Lifetime! I'll have a website for the travel business set up in the near future. Well time to get ready for school, we're having a test today, talk to you soon with news of my brand new Travel page...Bye!

MAY 8 1998: Hey everyone, exciting news we've created a brand new webring, it's the Happiness is being owned by cats...webring, come join us! Submit your kitty page and join the family of happily owned people. We can't wait to hear from you!!

MAY 15 1998: I'd like to ask for everyones patience for the next few weeks, as we're going to be going thru some major changes. My sweet husband Michael got me a computer as a graduation from Travel school gift and It will take me a while to get the hang of using it. In fact this is the first thing I've actually typed on my website using it. As a consequence my e-mail address will be changing alot over the next few weeks, so please bear with me, and check back often to get the current one! Many, many Thanks in advance. I will post the new ones as they change.

MAY 24 1998: Our permanent email addresses will be, and, and we are WORKING!! I got a job working with Holland America, a very good cruise travel company and we LOVE our job! Learning the computer is coming along slowly but surely, don't have alot of time the commute to work everyday is about 4 hours.

JULY 14 1998: Well that 4 hour commute finally got to me, I've decided to try working from home and so far it's going so-so, although I love being able to stay right here in the comfort of my home and the kitties LOVE it!! I'm trying alittle day trading on the market, it's alot of fun but sure can make you crazy!! So far we're a few dollars in the hole, but that's not for long...(fingers-crossed)! Check back to see if I'm getting rich or not (ha..ha!).

SEPTEMBER 8 1998: Boy Oh Boy!!! Did we get squashed in the stock market, guess we picked the wrong time to give that a try...oh well we're job hunting again, really trying to find some kind of job we can do from home, if anyone knows of such would appreciate you letting us know, well better go get busy the classifieds are waiting!!

OCTOBER 6 1998: Time to join the working world again, we start a new job tomorrow in a Photo development business, sounds like fun! Photo's are an interest of ours, so I think I'll like this job.....I sure hope so, there isn't much as far as jobs go right now...we've been looking for awhile now! Kitties are all still fine, Shelbee and Snyder...still here!! We had a Halloween Party that was a great success and we want to Thank everyone who participated or visited, it was really a blast!!

NOVEMBER 1st 1998: So far our new job is great we Love it, might be moving in the near future...hope so this apartment is a tad on the tiny side! We'll keep you posted, in the meantime...
Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

DECEMBER 2nd 1998: Well the year is fast coming to a close and we are doing Great, we'd like to Thank everyone for visiting our home and for your kind comments in our guestbook! If I have forgotten to visit any of you Please let me know, sometimes I get very busy and I'm not the most organized person in the world, so if I've missed you let me know! We wish everyone a 'Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year'!!

AUGUST 7 1999: Well I have been very busy, lots of webpage work and at my job with Richcolor Photo Processing Lab, I really love working here, it's been almost a year!! I work in Customer Service and Shipping, not to brag or anything, but this is a great company to work for and all of my co-workers are great people! On my own time I have been doing Free webpages for Rescue & Foster Care groups, if you'd like a free webpage or just a remodel write me, this offer applies to Rescue & Foster Care groups or individuals ONLY. I've also been remodeling my own page, much more to do in that department! Got a Sony Mavica Digital Camera, so we have new photo's and they are really good, check out the Photo page. Well better go get stuff done, hopefully my next update won't take so long .. Thanks for stopping by!

JULY 28 2008: Pet lovers! Please think about purchasing pet insurance for your cats and dogs! No one want to have to make a choice between their own needs and pet health care. Affordable veterinary pet insurance is available. We want you to enjoy your beloved pet for a long time ...

Be sure to come back often, we are always updating...See ya soon!

Kitty Paws

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