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Stop the Use of Inhumane Traps (Conibear traps)
(this is a MUST read and take action issue.)

Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat Fancier

Stop the Abuse...

Grace's Cat Page

The BratCats Home Page

Nancy's "Spay/Neuter - Save a Life!"

Diabella Loves Cats

A Cats Eye View

J.J Cat Castle

Jeff and Diane's Cat House

Feline Territory

Welcome To My Rescued Kitties
(please also read the story "Remember Sheba"
Its a true story of incredibly cruel veterinary malpractice.)

Livestock:The Four Mouse-Cat-Ears

Welcome Friends

Here's Tyson, Monty & Suki

Homey's Hang Out

Happiness is...

The Purrfect Place

Cats Cats Cats

The House Of Tudor

Kippy's Kat Kapers

Helping Paw Society

Vegas The Cat

Siamese, Spocks & Dracs'

Maine Coon Cats by Verismo

Cat Club

Welcome to

Missing Pet Network

Tugger's Tidbits

Lisa and the Critters

Dorissimo's Domain

The house of many cats!!

Casey's Kitty Korner


Cindy's Cat Pages

Cricket's Home for Wayward Animals

Minnie's Menagarie

The Brat Pack Homepage

Lucille's Place

Lee Anns Cat Corner

Timna & Woosel's Homepage

Jen's Kat Korral

Feline Frenzy

Gypsy and Ziggy's Homepage

Angela's Homepage

The CatNippers Page

Texas Pepper's Homepage:
(The Abby Award)


Kyler Lairds Animal Rescue Resources
(Listings of Shelters throughout the World)

C My Cats

Practical Pet Care

Other-Cat/Animal-Related Links

Hodge Podge
(graphics and midis)

Patio Pacific Inc.
(pet doors)

Kritters In The Mailbox
(beautiful hand painted animal figurines)

Studio of Monica Van der Weer
(truly lovely animal paintings)

Non Animal-Related Links

BF Printing
(graphics and midis)

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