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There are just too many IMPORTANT issues out there, so we've decided to dedicate a page just to them... This page will be for ALL animal welfare causes, from shelters to abuse issues--so if you have something you'd like to make sure gets as much exposure as possible let me know and I will get it up on this page with a link back to you ASAP (or sooner!). Please e-mail me at ..


Dog Project
Remember Ninja...Keep your pets indoors on Halloween
We are trying to save shelter dogs from the freezing cold this year by taking in used sweaters (donated to us) and then recycling them into doggy sweaters for all the dogs stuck outside the shelters this time of year.

You have no idea how much your support means to us and these dogs. Due to over population in many dog shelters around the country, thousands of dogs are forced to sleep outside the shelters in a damp and cold environment and some even die.

Remember Ninja...Keep your pets indoors on Halloween
This is a very sad, horrible story of a sweet cat who suffered the fate of being some CHILDS Halloween prank. This kind of behavior has to be dealt with seriously, please visit this site read her story and check out the links to other pages that support the idea that abuse to animals is not just a childish prank, but a SERIOUS behavior that will come back to haunt us!

Cats Eye View 'Cruelty in Texas Awareness'
This is a very important cause and needs your attention
Please take the time to visit this page

Need Address

This page contains many important Spay and Neuter messages and several banners to use as links to help get the word out!

Need Address

Purple Ribbon
This site has many links to Worthy Organizations and a simple way anyone can show support for Animal Welfare... no matter how busy or financially strapped you may be... please visit!!

Momma and Baby Kitties Rescue
This site contains many rescue efforts info such as, "Ginny the dog who rescues cats" and now this very urgent effort going on right now to save these healthy loving "Momma kitties and many times their nursing babies". Please check into this and help in any way you can, a link to her page would be a great start!

Club Med Horror, turned around with our support!

Yeaaaaa Club Med
This was a very sad and horrible thing happening in Club Med Tahiti, stray and feral cats were being rounded up and taken to a desert island with no FOOD or more urgently NO FRESH WATER. Club Med officials have since gotten involved and with a Vets. help have rectified this situation ... we want to Thank Everyone who took the time to write to them and help bring about this solution, THANK-YOU!! Please go to this site and send a letter to the officials of Club Med, thanking them for their prompt action to help these cats... Thanks again everyone ... TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE - and THANK-YOU Susie for making us aware of the situation!!

Green Mt. Humane Society
This page contains very important information regarding your pets well-being when your gone... most people don't think to make arrangements for this, many pets pay with their lives when their caretakers are no longer able to look after them.PLEASE take the time to look into this important matter!

Cat Crossing Non-Profit Organization
This is a Non-Profit Rescue Organization that takes the foster home approach for their kitties awaiting homes... They bring together different shelters and rescue agencies and provide "adoption shows", they work with the city of L.A. spay/neuter and feral cat programs. They have a Barbie Raffle (for any of you Barbie collectors) and much much more... learn more about the work they do!

'Jeff and Diane's Cat House'
This site contains an amazing amount of information on cat-health issues... almost all of it from first hand experience, they also have links to many other cat health info sites. Diane and Jeff have put in alot of time and effort keeping records of every treatment their kitties have received so that others may benifit from there ordeals... Make sure to bookmark this site, you'll be back!

Art Auction
This site has an art auction where a portion of the proceeds from each listed artist goes to the specified Humane Society, check it out!

Need Address

This is Lisaviolet's page, this specific link will take you to a letter you can send to the media. Her page also has other Animal Welfare links... please show your support!!

Need Address

No More Cruelty
This page has important issues about all different animal species, it's very informative... please check it out!

Need Address

Harbor Campaign
This page has many .. many links to worthy animal welfare organizations and numerous shelters all over the country, please make a point to visit here!

Need Address

Rhinelander Shelter
This wonderful shelter has many animals just waiting for that some one special to share their life with... could your best-friend for life be waiting for you here?? Check them out!

Doris Day Animal League
This is the Doris Day Animal League page, this is a big site full of valuable info on animal welfare and links to many more... stop in!

Petition Letters
This site has alot of different petitions, an open letter to Oprah and much more. Make sure you visit here!

OBOA Award

This is an award that we will be giving to sites that concentrate on Animal Welfare Issues. This award can be applied for... but you must be a site that focuses on Animal Welfare or Helping Animals in some major way, any Shelter or Animal Adoption agency may apply for this award, in fact we encourage it! We will also give this award to sites that we run across. Please nominate any site you think deserves this award... the more exposure they get the better! "THANK-YOU ONE AND ALL" for the time and effort you put into the work that your doing! Keep up the GREAT JOB!!

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