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Our Memorial Page

This page is for all the kitties that have passed through and enriched our lives. To love and be loved by an animal is the greatest love of all. An animal loves unconditionally, some food, a warm home and someone to love, who will love them in return is all they want. Some of our babies live long healthy lives, somes lives are cut short by misfortune, or disease, but when they leave us to go to the next level,
its always hard.
This page is dedicated to the 3 boys we lost, they were taken too soon, but the time we had together, is treasured and will never be forgotten. We've got a lifetime of wonderful memories.


SKEETER 7/1/84 to 10/23/93
FRANKIE 5/1/87 to 1/5/95
MIKIE 7/1/88 to 3/8/94
These are the 3 boys that we lost to FeLV, I'll never forget the day that word became part of our lives. One after another our boys went from being healthy to getting sick and losing the fight against this disease. We lost all 3 of our boys in a 15 month time period, this was the most difficult and heart-breaking year and a half of our lives. My Boys were strictly indoor cats, so I mistakenly didn't vaccinate them for this...if my mistake saves one life, it will make their senseless loss easier to live with. Please no matter what test and vaccinate your kitties for this, believe me you don't want to go thru the pain we did losing our babies. We love and miss our three boys more than words can say. Take care of each other until we meet again...
Mom and Dad
Belinda and Mike

My Baby Benny

BENNY 2/7/98
Benny was the love of my life, he meant everything to me and my life will never be the same without him. Benny lost his fight with feline leukemia on February 7th 1998, he didn't quite make two years. I miss him so very much and can't wait until we see each other again at the rainbow bridge. Mommy Loves You Forever Benny.
Michele R. Brooks

Our Sweet Rubin Rubin

RUBIN 3/1986 to 5/26/1998
Rubin you came into our lives so young and innocent. We wish we had known more about this horrible disease (FeLV) when you were younger, because we would never have allowed you to go outside and play. You grew from a helpless little kitten being bottle fed into a very handsome boy.When your test came back positive at the age of 5, you didn't mind too much being restricted to the indoors.That is when you really started to talk and will always be remembered by all who knew you for your saying to us "MaMa" and "I wanna go out"! You were the most kind and gentle cat we have ever known and you passed your good manners on to your "brothers" and "sisters". You lived many more years than anyone ever suspected possible and we are grateful to have spent them with you. You are now with your best-dog friend Sheekela, you two rest in peace.
We Love You Both and look forward to seeing you at the rainbow bridge.
Love Your Two Mommies
Gina and JoAnn

 My Sweet Ninja Ninja On The Stairs

NINJA 1990? to 9/9/ 1998
My beautiful little girl, how I miss you.
You brought limitless joy to my life and will always be remembered.
Te cuidas mucho, Ninjita mia. Esperame, por favor.
Te amo,

Ping - Sweet Angel Ping and Mom

12/2000 - 4/3/2001
Ping never got the chance to know what it's like to have his very own forever home
with all the love he could have ever dreamed of. He never will.
But I want him to know that he is loved.
(Ping was in foster care & Genie was in the process of adopting him,
when he developed FIP)

=^..^= Just for a Day =^..^=

My heart aches for you little one
Your time on this earth has been cut short
You never got the chance to know
How much I love you, How much I care
But my sweet little Ping, not to fear
Mommy will be there tomorrow
To hold you tight
Mommy will stroke your soft fur
And kiss your sweet face
My little boy,
I've heard your sweet voice
Seen your adorable body
Tomorrow my loved one
I will see your innocent spirit
Leave us and become an angel
My sweet furbaby
Tomorrow, I will be there
To see you cross
Onto the Rainbow Bridge
You will feel no pain
Your friends will be waiting there to play
And one day
I promise
We will meet again
Please, always remember,
I love you, not just for a day, but forever.
Written for Ping, by his mommie

Charlie Kat'My Angel'

1981 to 5/21/98
August 6th 98 - Thursday...
This is for Charlie, my beautiful and gentle cat who shared 17 years of my life! My baby was put to sleep on May 21, 1998, it has taken me this long to do this. Oh I have tried several times, but I have gotten so upset and stressed that I have had to stop and close down the computer, so tonight I will post this for my beloved cat... Charlie was a Tabby Cat his colors of beige, white, and orange, went well with his yellowish eyes and they were always wide with wonder. Charlie was a tough cat, he was somewhat accident prone and got into trouble alot in the early years! Charlie was healthy for the most part. Until the summer of 1991, when he was diagnosed with Diabetes that he had his first brush with health problems! He was on Insulin for about 2 years then my vet told us that he could stop taking the shots that the problem with his sugar level had become normal again! So for a couple of years things were ok, he had ashma and had a tooth or 2 extracted. But nothing that the vet couldn't fix for us. Then in March of this year, he began eating huge amounts of food and within an hour or so he would lose all of it. So we took him to the vet, I thought it was hairballs. But it wasn't, Charlie had a tumor on his thyroid gland which could not be removed by surgery because of his age and respitory problems. He was not able to undergo radiology for the same reason. So the only thing left was the medication and with that came the other things that it causes. Knowing it was terminal and the meds were more or less a bandaid on the problem. So the meds for the thyroid problem caused a problem with the heart meaning another pill for high blood pressure and that brought back the sugar diabetes which meant another shot. At the the end of his life he was on 2 shots and 2 different pills daily. His kidney's had become weak with all of the medication. And we had told by the vet that we would know when it was time to let go, it would be the hardest most loving decision we could make. I would never have the strength to do it myself so on the 21st of May on a weekly visit to the vet for a blood count. He called and told me Charlies kidneys were about to shut down, and it was now the time to spare Charlie the pain that comes along with renal failure. So my baby was put to sleep on that Thursday afternoon. We buried him in the back yard in the Garden by the bird feeder, he used to stalk birds in that spot years ago. I know in my heart that Charlie is in a far better place, he is not being stuck with needles and having pills plunged down his throat. He is young and strong again with his old love of tuna fish in water and chicken off of the bone (Popeyes Carry Out).. And he is once again stalking birds and chasing mice and large insects!! And yet I know all of this and it does not fill the void in my heart. I miss his loud purring sound that could be heard above the sound of the TV set and his yelling so loud if he could not find me. And I thank God for the 17 years I had with Charlie, My love, my baby and my friend.
* Gone but forever remembered and loved *
Lynda Lee Shannon

C.B. my baby

C.B. 7/19/1991 to 3/26/2002
My name is Sue. I lost one of my most precious Children this morning his name was C.B. I'm so unhappy I feel like my hearts been ripped out of my chest. I'm so lonely without him. He was only 10 years old. They are not sure (the vet) what exactly happened, a form of Feline something or other, not Leukemia. It's bad enough losing your child but to have a post mortom done to is just heart wrenching. I miss him so much and I will never forget him ever.

Update   3/28/2002 - I just found out this morning that C.B. had a tumor in his lung and he was bleeding internally so it was the best thing I could do for him so he didn't have to suffer anymore. This happened so suddenly like over night that he took ill, and I miss him so very much. He's in heaven now and he's not suffering so that's good.
I love you C.B.
Sue & Family


Puud - 1988 to 1/9/2002
Puud was my best friend. She was always the first one there when something was wrong. But before she died she was in pain and we were about to put her down. But before we could she died. I wasn't there when she died but I still have a strong memory of her. I know I will see her again. So until then, Goodbye, My Friend. I will always love you.
From your brother
Eric K.

Misty - Mike's kitty

Misty - March 2004
I just lost my cat, Misty who was 1 years old to FeLV. She was showing signs of anti-social ness and had some diarrhea problems but by the time we recognized it as a disease and took her to the vet, she was in a terrible state. She was barely even able to breathe. We had to have her put to sleep and its the single hardest decision Ive ever made in my life, and probably ever will make. Her disease escalated so much over-night there was nothing whatsoever we could have done.

Misty was an awesome cat, loving, caring, and my best friend in the world. She gave me a sense of love and care more then any other living thing, even more then my parents. Misty gave my Mom the same love as me. She showed up on our door as a kitten with two siblings and weve had her since. She at one point had a litter of 6 kittens and at this point were concerned that the kittens might have FeLV as well. So please pray that they do not, when you read this. This is the greatest loss Ive ever dealt with.
My Beloved Kitty,
Here with me such a short time,
Loving, Entertaining and Giver of Companionship.
You are forever on my heart and in my mind.

50 years away, to this day,
I will never forget the price you paid,
Taken from this world because you were pale,
To a better place where you will never wail,
Never to experience pain or suffering again.

You brought me happiness,
Happiness that was short lived,
Happiness I will nevertheless ever forget.

As a baby,
Brought to our door-step,
With two others,
To impact and change our lives.
You gave us kittens of your own,
Kittens that loved you as I do,
Kittens that will never see you,
At least till heaven

Today I will never forget the choice I made,
The choice to send you from this world,
On to another so you would suffer no more.

We could have spent much,
Fought for you for an eternity,
But you were too weak to fight,
And we could ask no more of you, Misty.

Until we meet again,
Over the rainbow,
Or wherever you have gone,
I love you kitty,
And you will always be on my mind.
I love you Misty
Michael Brandt

When we lose our babies it leaves a big hole in our hearts, maybe putting our love for them in writing can help ease the pain some. If you would like to write a memorial to a special friend or friends you've lost, please email your tribute to me,
I would be very honored to post it here.
Take care and know that our babies are at the rainbow bridge waiting for the day we will all be re-united -- and what a day that will be!


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