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Skeeter, Mikie & Frankie...

This page will be dedicated to the 3 boys, as we called them...

3 Boys 'We Love And Miss You'

"I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain,
not because I did not love you,
but because I loved you too much to force you to stay. "


July 1st 1984 to October 23rd 1993

Skeeter, was the runt of one of my sisters cats litters. He developed an ulcer in his right eye and lost it when he was just a baby, I got him from my sister when the last outdoor cat I ever had disappeared for about a month. Of course the very night Skeeter joined us Kiki came walking in the door like nothing had happened.(I wasn't a very smart, or responsible pet owner at the time, Kiki wasn't neutered) He stayed around for about a month, then he left and I never saw him again. (I deeply regret the fact that I was so irresponsible with the life I was in charge of. I can only hope that Kiki found a good home with a loving family.) I had already decided Skeeter was going to be an indoor cat, mainly because of his eye. I learned alot about the responsibility of being in charge of a life from Skeeter, he was a very affectionate - loving kitty, he made me understand what unconditional love was. There were many a night when I was sad or crying and Skeeter would come and give me love until I couldn't help but smile and feel better. We discovered he was FeLV+ in Dec. of 92, and in October of 1993 he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma... cancer of the lymph nodes. His stomach was full of tumors and they told us there was nothing to do but keep him comfortable. He had gone from a healthy 18 lbs. to what for him was a meager 12 lbs. His kidneys were failing and we let him go to the Rainbow Bridge on October 23rd 1993. Our Vet. was good enough to come to our house, and help Skeeter pass over surrounded by his loving family. It was a very sad day for us and we miss him very much. Watch over the boys for us Skeetie Wheets.



May 1st 1987 to January 5th 1995

One day a girl came into the place I was at with two tiny baby siamese kittens she wanted $20.00 for each of them, there was a woman interested in both of them but she settled for one. Thats when Frankie joined the family... She had said he was 6 weeks old and his mother had been run over, well when I got him home I realised he wasn't more than 3 or 4 weeks old he could barely walk. We shared a special bond right from the start, he would suckle on my hand, to the point of making it raw, (I asked my vet how to make him stop this she said to use something that tasted bad), but she said it was a way of showing love. Needless to say this was something Frankie did all his life (although I did get him to lick the inside of my arm instead, less painful.) Frankie was the first one to test + for FeLV, this was in Dec. of 92. He had a bad cold that wasn't going away so we took him to the Vet. thats when our lives changed completely. In fact my Vet. was sure he wouldn't recover and she suggested putting him down. This I was not prepared for this (in my mind he had a cold) so we opted for treatment first and with antibiotics and alot of love, he pulled through. It wasn't easy and took about three weeks but he lived a healthy 3 years longer. Frankie passed away suddenly in January of 1995 of severe anemia, this came on very quickly and without warning. Frankie and I shared a very special bond and I miss him a great deal, he was mamas boy.
I love and miss you Fank-Fank's

Fank - Fank's


July 1st 1988 to March 8th 1994

Mikie...well what can we say about Mikie? Mikie liked to be the center of attention, if you were petting someone else Mikie would come running. If you were talking to someone else Mikie would come running. If you were thinking about one of the other cats Mikie would come running, and he wasn't happy just to sit there, he had to get between you and whoever it was. You could never pet, hold or love Mikie too much. Most of the time it was cute ( although I don't think the other cats thought so ). Mikie got sick around Dec. of 93, he was diagnosed with cancer, he had a tumor in his left kidney ( I felt a lump there and took him to the Vet. ). We put him through chemotherapy and, the tumor went away and he seemed to be doing very well. He didn't seem to mind the trips to the Vet. at first, but after about a month, they started to take there toll on him. And then the tumor came back in February and it was all downhill from there. Mikie suffered a great deal at the end, I hope he can forgive us for that, he passed away in March of 1994. We love and miss you Mikie Mikes.

Mikie Boy's


'Sweet Benny' Michele's Baby

This is Benny, he was beloved furbaby of Michele R. Brooks. He was her little kitty and best friend. He had to be put to sleep on Feburary 7, 1998 due to complications from Feline Luekemia. We are adding his photo in the hopes that it will help to ease the pain that Michele is feeling right now. Benny was not quite 2 years old.

We have lost many of our friends to FeLV in the recent past, Sunnyboy, Lucky, Howling Kitty, Cosmos, Panther, George, Rubin, Romanov, Jake, Lefty, Nali, Merlin, Buddy, Russian, Moira, Ernie, Chloe, Jazz, Duncan, Copley, Sasha, Cow, Li'l Bit, Selena, Tucker, Boo Boo, Benny, Storm, Beast, Topaz, Vyvyan, Newton, Kallie, Charlie, Mickey, many of these in the last couple of months. I can't stress enough the importance of getting your cats tested and then vaccinated for this horrible disease, even if they are indoor kitties. My cats are indoor only, we think Frankie may have been born with this because he would get sick atleast once a year. We'll never really know how this disease came to our house. I just can't stress enough the importance of being aware of this disease, and vaccinating against it.

The 3 boys were all lost to FeLV. The following links are NOT meant to be a substitution for Vet care. These links provide info on caring for a FeLV+ cat and on how to detect this disease. Please see your Vet regularly.
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on this page you will also find the FeLV Mailing List An informative, supportive, discussion group for people who have FeLV+ kitties
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Discussion & Pet Loss Grief Support Groups
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(once there type in alt.animals.felines.diseases)
If You've Lost A Pet Please Visit
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