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Shelter Links
If you are looking to adopt a pet, PLEASE make your local shelters the FIRST place you look, some of the most loving and special animals are there waiting for the chance to share their Love with someone, that someone could be YOU ... and you'll be saving a life!
Here are some links to Shelters Nationwide, you should be able to find a pet through one of these links no matter where you live. If you know of a link to a shelter, please let me know so I can add it to this page, I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to adopt from their local shelter.

Purrfect Pals

an absolutely wonderful organization, located in the great state of Washington, in the city of Arlington
Mary's Kitty Korner

List of adoptable kitties seeking loving adoptive homes in Enfield, CT.

Located in Olympia, Washington State
Feline Friends Rescue

Here is another wonderful pet adoption shelter
Rhinelander Shelter
This one is based out of New York

These are also based out of New York they are part of a webpage maintained by Diane who does rescue work for 3 different organizations that help animals in need. She's a very busy lady!!
Kings Highway Rescue Shelter

Momma and Baby Kitties Rescue

This one is based out of Pennsylvania and has listings for many more.
Animal Friends Online

This is a No-Kill shelter based out of Illinios.
'Pets In Need - A No-Kill Shelter'

Paw Safe Animal Rescue

Nationwide shelter listings, rescues and other animal welfare resources.
Kyler Laird's 'Animal Rescue Resources

Angel Pets Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Angel P.A.W.S.

A Rescue in Oban
West Coast of Scotland
Argyll Animal Aid

GSP Rescue Of Washington State
GSP Rescue Of Washington
A multiple listing Directory
ARF - A Worldwide Animal Rescue & Foster Directory

Link to:
Pet Shelter Network

Worldwide Organization
Society for the Prevention of Creulty to Animals
Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.
Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.


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