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4/1/84 to 1/25/00
I am leaving this page up for now as a tribute to my 'Baby Girls', she lost her fight with cancer peacefully at home in my arms yesterday, I miss her so much. She was my brave little girl and she hung on for mom as long as she could, we had 15 wonderful years together. I hope God knows what a special little angel he got yesterday.
- We LOVE you Teenye Weenye -

She's our oldest, she is 15 almost 16 (April 1st 2000) years young. She's very shy but likes human attention. She doesn't care to interact with the other kitties much. She's taken to staying in the bedroom, she prefers this so I let her be in there. When we go to bed she sleeps on top of my pillow. Teenye and I have been together since she was 9 months old, she was abused when I got her and shes still nervous around men and strangers. Even with me sometimes she wants to sniff my hand before I touch her, but she's very lovable once she gets past that. Of course some of the other kitties tease her, because they know she would rather be left alone. But don't worry about Teenye, she holds her own just fine with them. In fact Joey, who you'll meet later, always has little red scratches under his ear from bothering her. (She seems to like it when he starts to groom her, but then he has to go and put his arm around her and try to hold her down, she does not like this.) She's a brown and black tabby manx, and only weighs about 6 pounds, but she'll smack around anyone who bothers her. Some of Teenye's nick names are Teenye Weenye, and Baby girls.

UPDATE 12/22/99 - Out sweet little Teenye has been diagnosed with Cancer, she has a tumor on her hind leg toe and 2 tumors in her lungs, the Vet says there isn't really anything to do. I have been searching the internet looking for info on feline cancer and am not having much luck, anyone that knows of some good resources or links please let me know. You can email me at

1/6/00 - Teenye had to have surgery to have the toe removed, it was causing too much pain and bleeding had started, she came thru surgery with flying colors, they did find another tumor on a front toe so we took that one also. I'm so proud of my baby girls, she is a remarkable strong little girl and not ready to leave me yet! We will know Tuesday or Wednesday just what kind of cancer we are dealing with, please pray hard that it'a a curable one ... thanks. Any and all prayers are welcomed.

1/11/00 Teenye is healing fine, but doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, we did spend the weekend in the emergency clinic and Teenye got a transfusion, she was anemic and her red blood cells were low. The count was very good after the transfusion, but I can't seem to get her interested in eating, anyone have any idea's? She is eating baby food when I can get her to eat ... I think all the Vet trips and having to take medication has something to do with the loss of appetite. Hopefully today we will know what kind of cancer we are dealing with, please keep those prayers coming, thanks. The cancer is Metastatic (sp?) Bronchialnoma Carcinoma, this cancer starts in the lungs and metastisises to the digits, she's probably had it in her lungs for a while. The Vet says even if we'd discovered it when the lung tumors were smaller, it probably would have already sent cells out. We will LOVE her and keep her comfortable as long as she wants to be here, she's really a tough little girl for her tiny size.

1/15/00 We've had some set backs, Teenye is very delicate and all the trips to the vet's has been very hard on her. Her foot started bleeding again so we had to get it rebandaged, she's not eating hardly at all and this is my biggest worry, she's so tiny to start with. I have been feeding her with an eye dropper which she doesn't care for, but it's that or watch her starve to death. Please keep all those prayers coming, as long as she shows me she wants to be here I will do everything I can for her, I just hope when she lets me know its time, I have the strength to be there for her. Thank you all for your prayers.

1/19/00 I've made the very hard and painful decision not to force Teenye to eat and just let life take it's course. She is still eating alittle, I think mostly to make me happy ... the reason I've decided this is she really looks like she doesn't feel well and there is no possibility that she ever will truly feel well again, this cancer is terminal, so making her stay for me isn't fair to her. This is a very hard choice for me and I still waver and want to change my mind, but I have to do what's best for her even though it's so hard and painful for me. I will continue to offer food and be extremely happy when she eats a bit, I am praying that I will have the strength to be there for her when she needs me. Even after all she's been thru she still looks for me when I come home from work in fact she's been coming into the living room to wait for me, something she hasn't done in years (she made the decision to stay in our bedroom 2 years ago when Shelbee joined us), so this is very touching. We've had 15 wonderful years together and I will miss her terribly when she's gone and I hope God knows what a special little girl he's getting! Please pray that she doesn't suffer and that I'm strong enough to let her go when the time comes.

Teenye is a member of "Tigger's Shelter Cat Club", if you'd like to find out how to join click her card! Teenye's membership
Little Teenye Weenye Teenye And (baby)Joey Napping


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