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Mr. Fred

Freddie showed up on our door step exactly one month to the day after we lost our baby Frankie (more about this on another page). We put out flyers with his picture on it but no one ever claimed him. I think he was abandoned by a military family as he was well fed and neutered. (We lived right outside of a military base.)

Freddie is a black and white short hair tuxedo cat, and he's a healthy 15 or 16 lbs., he's our other 7 year old. Fred also likes to sleep on my head, so if Teenye doesn't get there in time she has to wait for Freddie to leave. I usually fall asleep with Fred up there and wake up with Teenye up there. Fred gets along well with all the other cats. He's very easy going, he doesn't bother them he's not crazy about and plays with the others. (Him and Joey play the most but lately him and Bailey have shown a playful side to each other.) He wouldn't get on the furniture at all for the first month after he joined our family, and if you put him on it he would jump off. He must not have been allowed to be on the furniture in his previous home, now he lays around everywhere.

When he cleans after eating he lays on the floor on one side, cleans a little then rolls over to the other side and cleans, he rolls from side to side the whole time he's cleaning himself. It's funny to watch this pretty good sized cat, roll over to one side - clean alittle then roll over to the other side and clean some more! Freds been with us now since January of '95', and I -THANK- whoever dumped him because now he's part of our family, and we love him. Some of Fred's nick names are Fred - Bo's and Mr. Fred! To Sir With Love fits, don't ya think!

Fred Fred An Joey Catching A Nap


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