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(This has nothing to do with Buddies weight
she wanted to be sure I pointed that out!)


7/3/91 to 7/30/04
I am leaving this page up for now as a tribute to our 'Buds Buds', she lost her fight with liver cancer on July 30th, 2004, just a little over a year after her diagnosis. She was my grouchy girl but had changed and becoming very loving in this last year and we bonded as we had never before. We had 13 years together. I hope God knows what a special angel he got when my Buddie came home.
- We LOVE & Miss you Buds Buds -

Buddie is our oldest now, she is 11 years young (July 3th 2002, she turned 11). Buddie is rather strange, she decides when she wants attention, and if you try to pet her any other time she will run away, if she comes to you eveythings fine. Buddie was the only kitten my sisters cat had when she had babies. We got her when she was 6 weeks old. She seemed normal enough but I think the more cats that joined our family the less friendly she got. Don't get me wrong, when she wants attention she quite lovable, she will purr and drool all over you (although I wouldn't try to pick her up, unless you absolutley had to), but otherwise she also keeps to herself. She's a little overweight, she weighs about 12 pounds and she should weigh 9 or 10 pounds. We've had her on diet food for years but all its done is kept her from getting any heavier.

She has a thing about licking strange things like... the rug (she has out-grown this, thank goodness) now its the CD holder. She throws up about once a week but the Vet. says there is nothing wrong with her, and since she's done this for years with no apparent side effects, I have to agree. Some of her nick names are, Buds-Buds and Fat Stuff (said and meant lovingly)!

Update - May 28th, 2002   Buddie was steadily gaining weight and got up to 16 pounds. This is definately over weight for Buddie, she is a small built cat, so we bit the bullet and put her on a diet in September of 2001. She is doing excellent, she is down to 11 9/16 pounds, so she's lost about 5 1/2 pounds in about 8 months. She needs to get down to about 9 or 10 lbs. and she'll make it!! Kitties should lose weight slowly, about 2 to 4 ounces a week or they could develop serious liver problems and Buddie is losing at about that rate. She was getting checked every 6 weeks for weight and to make sure we aren't developing any problems. Her check ups are scheduled for every 8 weeks now and the Vet say's she is doing great!!

-- Looking Good --

Bud's On The Bed I Fly Thru The Air, With The Greatest Of Ease


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