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Hi, Belinda and Mike here...
We are Ma and Pa to the kitties you will meet on this site. Click on any of the kitties to read their bio's, and please leave your pawprints in the guestbook so we can visit you!

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Mike is a truck driver and the kitties and I were on the road with him for about 3 months, (read the story and see photos of the kitties in the truck!). Imagine him and I and our kitties (5 at the time) living in a semi-truck, everything went very well, in fact we thought about buying a truck and making a living this way but we decided it was too big of an investment at the time.

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I am a die hard believer in keeping your cats indoors and your dogs leashed or fenced. There are just too many dangers out there for them. Cruel people looking for unattended animals to torture, maim and kill is a sad fact on the rise. Wild animals, traps, disease and the most common killer (not counting shelter euthanization) is the AUTOMOBILE, cars needlessly kill thousands of animals every year. I'm so upset when I go to websites where someone say's 'We live by a busy road and this morning my cat/dog was run over' ... get a clue, maybe your pet should be INSIDE or SUPERVISED when outside!! A pet is a lifetime commitment, a cat/dog can live 15 to 20 years or longer and must have annual checkups and vaccinations. Neutering/Spaying is an absolute 'MUST' and finding a place that accepts pets when you move is also a 'MUST'. Simply "getting rid of" or abandoning your faithful pet when you move is unacceptable, please think long and hard before getting a pet - treat them with LOVE & Respect. What you get back can't be put into words.
- PLEASE take this commitment seriously -

This is a cause near and dear to my heart, it's a fundraiser for Feline Leukemia, our little Bailey is FeLV + Please stop in and see if you might like to buy one of our T-Shirts, they are beautiful and the money is for an excellent cause. Thank You
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As of June 2005, temporarily there will be no new "Featured Site of the Month" for a few months because of time restraints and previous commitments. I hope to get this feature up and running again in the fall. Please be sure and visit the previous featured sites, there are 7 years worth of excellent, informative web sites to browse through!!

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