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Hi, my name is Mike I work for J.B.Hunt Transport, great company. I was born November 16th circa 1965, so I'm a mere 32 years old. I'm married for 8 years now to a wonderful woman, a tinsy bit older than me! We have 5 fur kiddies (cats), that we adore, and my hero is, who else...Homer Simpson. D'oh! That's the brief run down about me.
Well I guess we know there will be lots of Homer stuff on this page, so lets get started....

MYSELF: I've worked for J.B. Hunt now for about 14 months, prior to that I worked for another trucking company TLC, they have since gone out of business. I took my truck driver training in Missouri, Washington - Missouri to be exact. We moved there so I could go to school, it was an adventure but the wife couldn't deal with the threat of a tornado everytime there was a thunder storm. Since she was alone most of the time, I didn't feel this was fair to her, so we only lived there about 18 months.

I was over the road with J.B. for about a year, now I drive local for them, money's not quite as good but atleast I'm home every night.

INTERESTS: Like I said Homer Simpson is my hero and I like the show King of the Hill also. I don't watch too much T.V., but when I get a chance theres nothing like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Fred Flintstone (are you getting the picture), any warner bros. cartoon will do! On the more serious side I like Unsolved Mysteries or America's Most Wanted, never know when you'll see a friend or relative on there!

MUSIC: Country, country, country and nobody can sing like LeAnn Rimes, shes my all time favorite singer. I also like Randy Travis, George Strait, Alabama and Reba Mc Entire to name a few. If I'm not listening to country music I'm listening to talk radio Tom Leykis, Dr. Laura, or Rush Limbaugh are some of my favorites.

MOVIES: I like horror movies, romantic comedies or true stories!


Itchy and Scratchy


Happiness is being owned by cats..."wifey's"
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Glendon's Homer Simpson Page!
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(Great midi's and graphics)

I'll be back to add some more hot Homer and LeAnn Rimes links as I find them. Check out the kitties and "wifey's" page and then get ready to Homer the night away! And if you have any links pretaining to Homer or LeAnn (greatest singer in the world) give me a holler. (If you would like your link removed, let me know). You all come back now...


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