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Mike found Joey at the pet store, he had checked all the animal shelters for a siamese cat (thats what Frankie was and we were very close, we lost him to FELV, and my husband knew how much I missed him.) but there weren't any. He went to the pet store and there was Joey, (he is the apple of my eye), I love him to pieces. He was there with his brother and sister. When the girl handed Mike the kittens Joey licked his face, and thats how Joey joined the family. He is, of course, spoiled rotten and the head cat around here.

He likes to tease the other cats (not in a mean way), and keep everyone in line. He also likes to lick my face on a daily basis, he can be very demanding for attention sometimes. When he was about 3 or 4 months old he was diagnosed with cardiomyapathy (very mild case), he was put on medication and checked again a year later and everything checked out fine. They had told us he might get better with medication because we caught it so early. Joey is a siamese mix, he has white feet and he weighs about 10 pounds, he was 8 weeks old when he joined us, he's now almost 4 (July 7th 1995, B-Day). He absolutely loves his brother Bailey, they loved each other the second they met.

Seems like most of our kitties have strange eating habits. Joey has a thing about FULL cat food bags and FULL cat litter bags, they get put away as soon as we get home. (You only need to learn this lesson once.) Some of Joeys nick names are Poo-Poos, Poos, Poodelie Poots, Bad, and Tinky Boys, I don't think he even knows his real name. These pictures aren't very good, but we have since gotten a digital camera and have a photo album link on the main page ... be sure to check out these photo's, they are excellent!

Joey Watching The Gumball Fish Sleeping On Mom
Joey Poo Joey And Bud's In The Dryer
Joey Helping Himself To Mom's Breakfast

Whitemouse Brownmouse Fieldmouse Housemouse
I'm proud to display my lesson certificates for each completed lesson which I passed with flying colors.... The rest of the gang decide that one Ninja in the house was enough (I had nothing to do with this decision)! I will take care of everyone in the house including the humans, a Ninja's job is never done!!
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