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In the Truck.....

Mike and the kitties and I spent 3 months together on the road, it was quite the adventure. First we had to rig the curtain seperating the cab and sleeper area so that we could put the kitties back there when we had to get out , (we had air conditioning and heat and lights so the kitties were very comfortable back there). I did this by putting a bar at the bottom of the curtain and poked holes all along it and put shower curtain rings in it connecting it to the bar. Then we could pull the curtain shut (it velcroed down the front), and go eat, shower, do laundry, and not worry about the kitties escaping when we got in or out. This worked for a while, until Bailey and Joey (who else) figured out , if you pushed hard enough you could squeeze under the bar. Imagine our surprise one day when we came back to the truck and theres our 2 little boys sitting on Dads seat waiting for us. Well Mike got on the passenger side of the truck and distracted them, while I opened the door (with my eyes on them the whole time) and jumped in. Scary because I was always afraid someone would dash out, they never did. I think they were just proud of how rattled we were when they were sitting there waiting for us. They got everyone to try this atleast once. As you can see from the pictures Bailey and Joey loved to lay on the dash and tell Dad how to drive. Buddie pretty much claimed the top bunk for hers, or she sat in front of the T.V. when we where going to bed and wanted to watch it. Buddie is not afraid to scratch or nip at you if you try to touch her without her permission, so we missed a few T.V. shows, because we didn't want to get up and shoo her away. We had a satalite dish on the truck so if we weren't to tired to put it up we could watch anything we wanted, pretty much. It was a very fun experience and the kitties enjoyed it as much as we did, after all, how could they not get all the attention they wanted in such a small space? If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the pictures below, I think they speak for themselves!
Teenye and Bailey sleeping Bailey on the dash, surveying his domain
Joey telling Dad how to drive   Joey and Bailey napping
Bailey eating rice cakes on the dash   Bailey and Joey on dash
Bailey posing for camera Bud's guarding the T.V.

Now have you ever seen a couple of camera ham's bigger than Joey and Bailey?

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