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These are the Featured Sites of the Month Winners, each site is, in my opinion excellent! Every month we will pick a Site on our travels that we especially like and design an award custom made for that site! They are all family friendly with, great stories, pictures, all kinds of info and all around just great entertainment....Take a moment to check them out for yourself, you'll be glad you did!
For-Get-Me-Not American Pet Rescue is an animal rescue located in Texas. They are fairly new and need our support. The believe that owners must be educated about the reality of Pet Adoption and Responsible Pet ownership. Most importantly, an owner must never to forget to spay or neuter their new family member. Their motto say's it all "We CAN make a difference, one man, woman and child at a time". Please visit them and see what you can do to make this world a better place by helping those who help the animals!! Let's start 2003 off right.For-Get-Me-Not American Pet Rescue - January 2003 'Site of the Month'
The PetWork - February 2003 'Site of the Month'The PetWork, is a network of pet resources and information about pets, for the people who love them. They features more than 2,000 links to many animal shelters, animal and breed rescue groups, pet and other animal organizations. They also have links to sites that post lost pet and found pet listings, tips for helping lost pets and found pets, and a ton of other pet resources and services, also articles and information about pets. If you have an animal question of any kind, you may find a link to your answer here!
The UAN was founded in 1987 by a small group of humane movement workers with more than 120 years of aggregate experience, who wanted to save forgotten animals. Their mission is to protect all animals in danger or in need and to focus their attention on their goal to create a more humane world, for all earths inhabitants. UAN's vision is to improve the lives of animals throughout the world by empowering their members, the public and the media with their actions, their commitment, and their ideas.United Animal Nations - March 2003 'Site of the Month'
Whitman County Humane Society - April 2003 'Site of the Month'No-kill means saving all adoptable (healthy or treatable) animals with good temperaments. Euthanasia is reserved only for those animals with terminal illnesses or terminal injuries or those that cannot be rehabilitated. They promote the humane treatment, spay and neutering, and responsible care of animals through public education and training programs. Whitman County Humane Society is a shelter that cares for stray, abandoned, abused, or neglected animals in Whitman County, where they provide adoption services of companion animals to the public. They are located at: 635 Guy St., Pullman, Wa. Their phone number is (509) 332-3422. Please visit them and remember, adopt from your local rescue or shelter, you'll be saving a life! Here are some of their adoptable animals waiting for a home!
Valley Cats Inc. is a no-kill, tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization. They are very aware of, and deeply concerned about, the plight of thousands of suffering homeless animals. In fact, while you are reading this, thousands of animals are suffering on the streets and are being euthanized in animal shelters all across the world. Most will never know the touch of a loving hand or the warmth and security of a home. Valley Cats, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing as many cats and kittens in need as they can. Their goal is to find loving homes for each and every cat in their care. They are located at: 23705 Vanowen St., PO Box 130, West Hills, CA. 91307-3030. Their phone number is (818) 883-5252 or FAX (818) 883-3708. Please visit them and remember, adopt from your local rescue or shelter, you'll be saving a life!Valley Cats Inc. - May and June 2003 'Site of the Month'
(and June site of the month)
The Beak Retreat - July 2003 'Site of the Month'Where birds go to vacation! A bird boarding service, they treat your birds like their own. They get the comforts of home, and are fed only the best food. They are also a strong advocate of the horrors that are happening in the Petco stores concerning animals that are for sale, birds in particular. Please visit them and show your support. All God's creatures should be treated humanely with love and respect. Help put a stop to the terrible treatment of all animals in stores such as Petco!! They also have links to bird rescues, and some wonderful photos of the birds that own them.
The Cat Rescue and Adoption Guide website features articles, information and many resource links. Their website is designed to help you with information about adopting cats and kittens from animal rescue groups in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and from around the world. They have links to many rescue groups with animals waiting to be adopted into new forever homes. They also have great articles concerning things to consider before adopting a new pet, commitments you must be willing to make, cat health care, and much more. Please visit and maybe you'll find your new lifelong buddy waiting there for you!!The Cat Rescue & Adoption Guide - August 2003 'Site of the Month'
(and September site of the month)
Alley Animals - October/November 2003 'Site of the Month'
(and November site of the month)
Alley Animals is an animal rescue organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a small group of dedicated individuals whose goal it is to take as many homeless animals off the streets of Baltimore as they can. Six nights out of every week, regardless of the weather, these individuals take to the streets to help the city's stray animals. In one night they will travel more than 385 alleys, feeding more than 3,000 animals and rescuing those in desperate need. They offer low cost spay/neuter certificates in the Maryland/Delaware area, which can be purchased from SNAP, Inc. Please visit their website for more information on this and to see how you can help, this is a very worthy organization, so please help them if you can!!
Amby's Cat Info NOW is chock full of information about cats, for cats and more cats! Information and resources ranging from links to MANY rescue groups, declawing info, feral care, all the way to building your own cat tree and toxic plants. Just about anything you want or need to know about cats, can be found here or from a link originating here. Bookmark this site for future use!!Amby's Cat Info NOW - December 2003 'Site of the Month'

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