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These are the Featured Sites of the Month Winners, each site is, in my opinion excellent! Every month we will pick a Site on our travels that we especially like and design an award custom made for that site! They are all family friendly with, great stories, pictures, all kinds of info and all around just great entertainment....Take a moment to check them out for yourself, you'll be glad you did!
June Featured SiteExcellent Page
This award was custom made for Vera,
Walmart and Freeway! (this was our the first featured site picked for the month of June 1998!)
Informative - Wonderful Site... Always growing, this site has alot to offer! This award was custom made for Maxine and her babies, Brandee, Dondee and her newest fella Gatsby! July Featured Site
August Featured SiteIT'S A BOY!! Many wonderful stories of Nancy's efforts to care for strays that have found their way to her home. This award custom made for Nancy and her menagerie of kitties that call Nancy *Mom*
This site has many things to explore, a choice of music for each page and a great webring to join... she's worked very hard revamping this whole site, have a look! This award was custom made for LuvvCats, friends and almost neighbors! September's Featured Site
October's Featured SiteThis is the home of Jeff and Diane, two of those most selfless people you'll ever meet. Their Love and Compassion for our animal friends is heartwarming, please visit their home, they have a ton of kitty health info here! This award was custom made for Jeff and Diane ... True Animal Lovers!
Diane has alot of very interesting things on her website, samples of her antiques and jewelry making. She does alot of work for several rescue groups and has many suggestions on how you can help. Make sure to drop by and check it all out! This award was custom made for 'Diabella Loves Cats'...Diabella Love's Cats November's Site
Tabakitty's Home December's SiteThis family has made a wonderful tribute to their sweet Tabakitty who very recently passed away due to cancer .... She was loved and cherished 14 years by her humans. Taba has guided 2 new little shelter residents to her family to take care of. Come meet this wonderful family and their 2 new little furkids! This award was custom made for 'G's Spot... Home Of Tabakitty'
Kim and Stan are 2 very wonderful people who run a ferret adoption shelter. They have several fosters up for adoption and a wealth of information on ferret care. Make sure to visit them and sign their guestbook.... This award was custom made for KiSta Ferret Rescue. 'KiSta Ferret Rescue  January's Site
Ginny the dog who rescue's catsThis is an amazing story... Ginny a dog rescued from the shelter has the uncanny ability to find cats in need, alot of them with disabilities. Her and Philip the lucky man that Ginny owns are 2 very special spirits. Read their story you will not be the same after! This award was custom made for 'Ginny The Dog Who Rescue's Cats!'
Ron and Kitty Lea have worked very hard to make this site enjoyable and packed with info about cats BIG and small! Stop in for a visit I guarantee you'll be glad you did!! This really is a very beautiful and informative site... don't miss it!! Award custom made for Kitty Lea's Home.Kitty Lea's Home
Lady Bob's Place
Lady Bob has moved with no forwarding addy, please tell us if you know it, Thanks.
This webhome has a message 'a very strong message' about greyhound rescue. If your looking to adopt a greyhound make sure to check them out, you'll find alot of adoption resourses! There's also lots of great pictures (one of our favs.)!! This award custom made for 'Lady Bob's Place.
This website is also very pleasing to the eye ... come meet Cleo and the family she owns. There is a variety of things to see and do here and they've got pictures, as everyone knows always a favorite of ours (we just love pictures of kitties)!! Award custom made for 'Cat's, Cat's & More Cat's.Cats, Cats & More Cats
Boy's Home 'June Site Of The Month'
Boy's Home has moved with no forwarding addy, please tell us if you know it, Thanks.
This site is very well done, easy navigation, great graphics and the javascipting is very well done. Make sure you look at the Photo Album, it's pretty cool!! This award was custom made for 'Boy's Home'.
Come meet a wonderful family, this is the ultimate rescue & foster care family in my humble opinion. You'll find lots of info on how to rescue and foster, also info on taking care of ferals. The work done by this family is very important and the resources on their webhome to help others get started is great!! And if thats not enough their website is very tastefully done, beautiful graphics and easy to navigate layout. While your there make sure to say 'Hello to their furry family members, all rescued! Award custom made for 'The Brittian Bunch'.The Brittian Bunch - A Cat Foster Care Family
Two Tuxedo CatsMeet Christy and Mimi, read about their sweet angel kitty Muffin and just surf and enjoy their website. Christy is very good with web design and her website is very easy to navigate and the design is crisp and clean!! She and Mimi along with Ellie of 'Pink Cadillac' manage a new 'Please Remember Me' Webring created by Maxine of 'Bratcats' and Lynnda of 'Shariff's Sundown'. This ring is for all pet owners who have experienced the loss of a beloved pet, you can use a photo of your pet/pets as your link to the ring ... a unique and I think great idea!! Award custom made for 'Two Tuxedo Cats'.
This is an absolute must read for all people with kitties as pets. This is the story of Sylvia and very important information on Post Vaccination Sarcoma's, a very preventable cause of death. The greatest power we have is knowledge, so be informed. Read the volume of information this site offers on this easily preventable cause of death of our feline companions, your kitties will LOVE you for it. When you take your pets to the Vet don't be afraid to speak up, you may save their lives!! Award custom made for 'Sylvia's Journey Of New Hope'.Sylvia's Journey Of New Hope
Boomer The Crazy CatWe really have a great time visiting here! Boomer has an important message about FUS every person owned by kitties should be aware of. It's very deadly and comes on very quickly. There's just sooooo much to see and do here. Come meet Crazy Boomer and the rest of his Great Family, take your time and be sure to enjoy all of the goodies here! PS. Isn't he a handsome fellow!! Award custom made for 'Boomer the CRAZY Cat'
This lovely homepage is very visually appealing ... clean, crisp and easy to navigate. Come meet 'Mario, 'Angel, 'Phoebe and Stripe (lovely tribute at the Rainbow Bridge) ... the kitties and their 'Caretakers'. Be sure you don't forget to check out the Mc Lean County Humane Society Website, maintained by the 'Caretakers'. All in all we had a great visit and hope you do too!! Award custom made for 'Cat Family Homepage'.Cat Family Homepage
Dog the CatMeet Dog the cat, that's right 'DOG' is this kitties name! There is alot to this website so plan on spending some time here ... the layout is easy to navigate ... they have lots of photo's, fun stories to read and beautiful graphics to look at and use. They also have a wonderful Secret Santa Paws gift exchanging event going on (closed this year, maybe next year). We found their webhome to be the perfect example of what Christmas should be, fun, joyful and full of caring for our fellow creatures. Pay them a visit, you'll truly have a wonderful time!! This award custom made for 'Dog the Cat'!
Lynnda spends alot of time keeping this site up on the latest happenings in the animal world. She spends countless hours sending letters about petitions that need signing, puppy mills that have been exposed and other situations of animal abuse or an animal in need of a home. Her webhome is very tastefully done and dedicated to 'All Animals on Earth and in Heaven'. She's a busy lady with a heart of gold. Be sure to visit the animals lucky enough to call her house home! This award custom made for 'Sharif's Sundown'!Sharif's Sundown - 'January 2000 site of the month'
Mickey & Lupi's - February 2000 Site of the Month' Come visit Mickey & Lupi's Webhome ... not only are they a very interesting breed of kitty, 'Sphynx' (hairless kitties), but their webhome is very nicely done! Their Mom has spent a great deal of time presenting her babies to the internet community and it really shows, you'll find helpful info on this breed ... some of the special care required to keep them healthy, happy and alot more. AND of course some excellent photo's, don't miss this adventure, we totally enjoy every visit here a great deal! This award custom made for 'Mickey & Lupi'!
We lost our Teenye to cancer on 1/25/00, then Snyder suddenly on 3/9/00 ... we elected to have them cremated and we found this wonderful company for the Urn's. Not only do they do beautiful work, but they are very caring compassionate people. Their site offers many things, pet loss links and their own chat room where you can go to meet other people in simalar situations. They offer a memorial page where you can write and post a tribute to your departed pet. It was very clear to me after talking to Robin, that this is a very caring and loving group of people, something rare in a company. We also kept them as our April Site of the month. This award custom made for 'Petline Casket's'.Petline Casket - March and April 2000 Site of the Month'
Calico's Cats - May 2000 Site of the Month'There are alot of fun things available to do here, stories, quotes and links to many other lovely websites. The pictures are excellent (as always a favorite of ours) and the reading is fun and entertaining. We had a wonderful time visiting here and hope you do also. Please take the time to visit, we promise you'll be glad you did! This award custom made for 'Calico's Cats'.
This organization helps out pet owners in need. They are funded by public donations and no donation is too small. This is the last resort for many people that have fallen on unexpected circumstances. There are many success stories of the good works they have accomplished, so go over and have a look. You'll be glad you did!! This award custom made for IMOM.In Memory Of Magic - June 2000 Site of the Month'
Lucilles' Place - July 2000 Site of the Month'This months site is very special. Come meet Lucille, Stan, Benjamin, Daniel and Zoie (a d*g)! Excellent layout ... easy to navigate. There is alot to see and do here, many serious issues and lots of fun pages too. Be sure to check them out - oh there are also some very nice photos' always one of our favorites! Award custom made for 'Lucilles Place'.
We featured a Pet Rescue Organization, as always we feel the work these exceptional people do is so worthy and anything we can do to help we will. This organization does alot of great work and as with all rescues can always use help - whether through donations, volunteering or fostering. Please stop by and see if you can help .. or maybe you'll find that missing piece that will make your family whole! This award custom made for Clarington Pet Connection.Clarington Pet Connection - August 2000 Site of the Month'
Minnies Menagerie - September 2000 Site of the Month'Minnie's meowme has put alot of work into Minnie's webhome, so be sure to visit. Come meet all of Minnie's family and don't forget to visit the Orphan kitties Minnie is kindly taking care of and her page on diabetes is a must read. This site is full of kitty love and Minnies heart of gold shows through! PS. Lots of good music to surf by! This award custom made for Minnie's Menagerie.
Come meet all the kitties at JJ's Cat Castle, many are rescues. This site is full of love and responsible pet care. Great photo's and tips on how you can be a responsible pet owner. Also information on how you can help animals in need. Be sure to check them out, lots of good stuff here! This award custom made for J.J.'s Castle.JJ's Cat Castle - October 2000 Site of the Month'
Kitten Rescue Online - November 2000 Site of the Month'Come meet Scoots, Kitten Rescue Online's mascot, they are a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to finding loving homes for needy cats and kittens! They also feature many articles devoted to educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and helping others rescue and care for homeless animals in their corner of the world. This site is very well laid out and easy to navigate, there's alot to learn here, make sure to pay them a visit! This award custom made for Kitten Rescue Online.
This site offers tons of helpful information on how to get into Cat & Dog rescue, Feral care, Kitten care, Spay & neuter info, Health info and soooooo much more. You really must see this site - especially if your thinking about getting into rescue, there's alot of help here to get you started. Sue has put alot of time and effort into keeping this site updated and useful to anyone considering Rescue or Feral work and information on just about anything else you could think of concerning our furry friends. This award custom made for Rescue Guide For Cats.Rescue Guide For Cats - December 2000 Site of the Month'

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