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These are the Featured Sites of the Month Winners, each site is, in my opinion excellent! Every month we will pick a Site on our travels that we especially like and design an award custom made for that site! They are all family friendly with, great stories, pictures, all kinds of info and all around just great entertainment....Take a moment to check them out for yourself, you'll be glad you did!
We really had a great time visiting this website! Come meet Beauregard and his BMC (big man cat) & BFC (big female cat), and his fur siblings. While your here you've got to see both Punkie productions, two movies produced by one of Beauregards siblings, they were excellent features, we watched both! We guarantee you will have a great time visiting this one of a kind webhome. BMC does some excellent graphical work, all in all a MUST see. Beauregards - January 2001 Site of the Month'
Niki's FeLV+ Felines, Ferals, Fosters and Friends - February 2001 Site of the Month'Niki has done an excellent job getting the message out 'that FeLV is NOT an automatic death sentence', as many Vets would still have you believe. She is owned by and fosters many FeLV+ babies that are thriving, very healthy and lovable. Visit her site for the latest info on FeLV and while your there meet some of her wonderful Felines, maybe one will sneak into your Heart, it is the month of LOVE after all. This site is very well put together and a real pleasure to surf! This award custom made for Niki's 'FeLV+ Felines, Ferals, Fosters & Friends' a wonderful website.
Check-out the kitties that run the Delmar household. They have soooooo much infomation about every kind of kitty stuff you can imagine. You'll find alittle bit of everything here! Their webhome is very nicely laid out, easy to navigate and very pleasing to the eye. All in all, this site is very well put together and a real pleasure to surf! Be sure to pay them a visit!

PS. Very nice photos' of the kitties, we love good photos'!!
Cats In The House - March 2001 Site of the Month'
Humane Society Of Central Illinois - April 2001 Site of the Month'The website for the 'Humane Society of Central Illinois' has been completely remodeled and it is beautiful. It's very pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate as well! The graphics are exceptional as are the photo's. And as all people who work in Rescue know, puppy and kitten season is upon us once again. That's why we have choosen 'Humane Society of Central Illinois' as our April Site of the Month. This is a very difficult time of the year for ALL Rescue's & Shelters, so please help spread the word, tell everyone you know to please Spay/Neuter their pets. Doing this one little thing can save THOUSANDS of animal lives. I want to thank everyone that helps support Rescue in any way :)
This site truly is a website that covers almost everything, from A - Z, animals, kid's stuff to disabilities and everything in between! I'd be willing to bet you could find something about just about anything here. It's also pleasant to look and and loads quickly, both a plus. Robin has spent a great deal of time putting this site together and you won't be able to do her justice unless you've got some time to surf. She has an interesting way of putting things and I guarantee you, you'll have fun here. Be sure to bookmark it, because you'll want to go back again and again. :)Robin's FYI - May 2001 Site of the Month'
Dennis Glennon : - June 2001 Site of the Month'Dennis is a very talented photographer. He shares some excellant photographs on his website and has many useful tips to make your photo taking experience fun and memorable. He also sells a variety of eceptionally beautiful photographs and a percentage of the proceeds benefit various rescues and other non-profit organizations. There's alot to see on this wonderfully designed website so be sure to bookmark it, because you'll want to go back again and again. Don't forget to sign-up for his newsletter :)
This site is full of information on everything you might need to know about all the creatures we share this world with. Find out how you can help stop animal abuse and how to protect your companion animals from everyday household dangers. There's info on animal behaviour and how to teach your children responsible, loving animal interaction and care. Also information concerning, wildlife and the environment, plus links and info for those who choose to live a meat free life. You'll find ways you can make a difference, and the writings/poetry of many talented people about life with our animal companions (both the good and the bad) There's alot of valueable info here on many different subjects, so make sure you've got some time when you visit :)The Animal Spirit - July 2001 Site of the Month'
Feline Companions Inc. - August 2001 Site of the Month'This site is an all volunteer cat/kitten rescue. They rescue and try to find homes for cats/kittens and FeLV+ and FIV+ kitties in particular. Since our Bailey is an FeLV+ baby they are of special interest to us. I think the more enlightened people get about this disease the more kitties will be saved from being euthanized needlessly. They have a wealth of information on their website about these diseases as well as many adorable healthy (althought some positive) kitties waiting for a forever home. Please visit them and bookmark and send to your kitty loving friends!
Flippy is a down under kitty. There is alot of fun stuff to do on his site and some very good links to many informative websites. Stories to read, poetry and be sure to see the "Happiness is" page. And as always excellant photos of the kitties and their friends. Don't miss out, pay them a visit today!Flippy's Cat Page - September 2001 Site of the Month'
Runtell 'the amazing little cat' - October 2001 Site of the Month'Runtell is a sweet little tabby cat, very adept at web design. His site is wonderfully laid out and very easy to navigate. He has many cute javascripts that make the site interesting and fun to surf:) There are links to fun and informative pages and of course our personal favorite, excellent photos of the amazing little cat himself! Be sure and drop in for a visit, the fun starts here!!
This is a wonderful cat rescue located in St. Louis Missouri. Once the cats and kittens are rescued they are medically treated, tested and spayed or neutered. Then the cats are placed in foster care until permenent homes are found. The have worked very hard and have saved over 2,450 cats and kittens, since 1991! Wow ... This is a 501 (c)(3) group and deserve all the help they can get. If your looking to adopt a cat, please take a moment to visit them, you may be lucky enough to find your new lifetime friend there! And if you can't adopt, they have kitties that need someone to sponsor them, another great way to help. Thank you Cat Network Inc for all you do!The Cat Network Inc - November 2001 Site of the Month'
Feline Leukemia Support - December 2001 Site of the Month'We found this site to be excellent & worthy of being in the spotlight! This wonderful website is chock full of resources about Feline Leukemia, for anyone who finds themselves dealing with this horrible disease. There is also a join link for the FeLV Talk List. This is a great resource for people with positive kitties, who are healthy at this time, and a loving support group for those dealing with sick kitties. You will not find a better resource on the web in my opinion dealing with this disease, as far as newer treatments go, not only on this website, but from links going to other exceptional sites about FeLV, FIP and FIV. If your dealing with FeLV, I highly recommend you join the group, your not going to find a more supportive, loving bunch of people anywhere! I have been a member for over 2 years, and have seen many kitties pulled from the brink of death. We have also lost many wonderful kitties to this horrible disease and speaking from experience, it helps to be able to talk to people who know what you are dealing with, and people who love their kitties as much as you love yours.

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