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Our Memorial To Our Parents

Irma Wentworth
Mom passed away October 26th 1990 much too young and full of life .. of lung cancer. She was and still is the inspiration and greatest influence in my life, the song playing on this page is meant in all honesty, because she truly is the Wind Beneath My Wings! I LOVE you and Miss you VERY MUCH MOM...your sweet wind blows around me every day!

Donald Leslie Wentworth
My Father was taken from us January 28th 1993 by a surgery gone wrong, I was very bitter about this for a long time but I've come to realize God needed my Father for angel duties in Heaven...I wish he could have been here with me longer, but knowing I have my own special angel guiding me helps it not hurt as much. I LOVE and Miss you Dad and when I feel you around me it comforts me greatly, you and Mom take care of each other until we all meet again!

Garnet Virginia (Whitecotton) Sauro
My husbands mother, he lost her at the age of 47 on December 29th 1972, when he was just a tender 7 years old. She had a great influence on his life and I wish I could Thank her in person for the fine son she raised. I do Thank her in spirit everyday for the wonderful man that Mike became...THANK-YOU! Mike LOVES and Misses you very much and cherishes the memories he has of you.


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