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Happiness is Being Owned by Cats
Award Winners

Fred & Geek
Great webhome of Fred (the ferret) and Geek (the cat), lots of fun things to see, and some great pictures, always a favorite of ours! Also some great music to listen to while you surf, pay them a visit and enjoy ...

Princess Cassie
Come visit Princess Cassie's webhome, she got her mommy trained right! She's a princess and she knows it, cute photos and fun stuff to do. Stop in and say "Hello".

Bonnie's Persian Cat Page
Come visit Sugars Homepage. She has lots of stuff to see, including photos, webrings to surf and join, an add your links page and alot more. Drop in and say "Hello"!

Boots & Lori's Catworld
Boot's queen of her domain invities you to come and meet he and her devoted humans....who want nothing more than to keep her happy! You'll find Photo's, Fun facts, Kitty Cookbook, and so much more...and don't leave without telling Boot's how beautiful she is!

G's Spot
Tabakitty the 14 year old kitten is waiting to entertain you. You'll find alot to do here...there's lots of kitty care info, poetry, awards to win, webrings to surf. Tabakitty's home is nicely decorated and she's waiting to give you a tour, drop in and say "Hello"!

SueCats Palace
(Address Not Active - No forwarding address)
Visit SueCats Palace, there's alot to see and do here, there's postcards, photo's (a favorite of ours), cat facts and stories, and many more goodies, you'll want to bookmark this one!

Four Friendly Felines
(Address Not Active - No forwarding address)
Come meet Alex, Fred, Pash and Baby a real bunch of cute kitties...their M*M has worked very hard remodeling their page and done a GREAT job!! They've got lots of picture's, fun stories, webrings and make sure to read their Kitty Kwotables, a fun place to spend some time!

Adamal's Home Page
Come meet Hannah, Ashton and Darkie (the d*g), this household is run by Hannah and she makes it very clear who's in charge around here! Visit each of their pages and don't forget to meet the humans they own and sign their guestbook!

Three Cool Cats Page
Ceasar and Cleo are just waiting for you to come visit and play!! These 2 Cool Cat's, paw around in the litter box and ask that you leave your pawprints in their guestbook before you go. Don't forget to give them a couple of sritches under the chin before you leave!! >^..^<

Welcome to Kitty Lea's
Come visit Kitty Lea's home on the web, you won't be sorry! This website is very beautifully done and there's alot to see and do here, enjoy your visit... we certainly did!!

The RugCats' Rag
This is where you'll meet Whisper, Banshee, Boo Boo, Bootster, Ms Pepe and Hydrox, some interesting names you say... well come read the stories about these interesting kitties. You'll find photo's and lots of other interesting things here... enjoy!

Newman's Cat Page
Read all about Newman and his kitty sibs., there's pictures of him and his brothers and lots of other fun stuff. He's a big boy and has some funny stories to tell, drop in and say 'Hello'!

Peter the Cat
Come meet Peter and the rest of his family, he's a cutie and he's got his humans trained right. Come find out how Peter gets what he wants!!

Boomer The CRAZY Cat
Boomer is a beautiful orange and white tabby, he quite a striking figure and very intellegent to boot! Come meet the family lucky enough to be owned by him... he's got awards to win and some very nice pictures (our fav.), drop in and say Hi!!

Misse Puh's Page
Come explore the world of Misse Puh, there's alot to scratch around in this webhome, come in and start snooping!! Misse Puh and her family are waiting to show you around!

Welcome To Sims Central
Boy, hope you've got some time... there's alot going on here. Sim's Central has alittle bit of everything and we really mean everything. Take the time to check it all out this page is very nicely done ... enjoy!!

The Cat's Meow
Welcome to the 'Cat's Meow', meet Chipit, Chocolate and Jasmine the 3 spoiled vixens residing here at the 'Cats Meow'. They even got their Meoowmy to start them their very own Webring ... The 'Cats Are Friends Forever' Ring! Go check out all of the happenings at the Cats Meow, the kitties are waiting!!

The CatNippers Page
Come meet Ned & Alex the 2 cool kitties that rule the roost at the CatNippers Page. They've got their Meoeemy working overtime ... there is alot of stuff to explore here. Hurry, you don't want to miss anything!!

Welcome to Kiki's Homepage
Come meet Kiki and family, there's Nigel (Kiki's kitty pal) and Honey (an absolutely adorable priarie dog). This webhome is nicely designed, they've got stories and pictures ... what more could you want?!!

Cat's Pride Webpage
This website contains the members of the ALT.Discuss.Cats group. They have a wealth of info on care, health and everything cats and alot of photo's of each members kitties!

The Hunter Family
Come meet these wonderful people they are owned by a dog and 15 kitties, their latest rescue is very pregnant and due at any time. This is a heartwarming website, featuring the best society has to offer. Yaaaaa for the Hunter's we need alot more people like them in this world!!

Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness
The Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness web site is the first and only of it's kind dedicated to increasing cat fanciers awareness of this disease is in the feline community. It provides a great information of FHD and allows others who's life has been affected by FHD a place to go for support. Every person owned by a feline should atleast be aware of this problem!

MikesMaddie's Multitudes of Musings
Come meet MikesMaddie, her website is unique in design pleasing to the eye and just plain fun! Find some writings, photo's and links to other interesting sites ... whats going on in Maddies head, well come and find out!!

Catwomen Territory - Beware
Come meet the Tansi-Cats, they have their home festively decorated for St. Patricks Day and are waiting to tell you a bit about themselves. They have some cute photos and funny stories to read. Moms done a great job showing off her babies!

The Cats Whiskers
Well Chris ('Cats Collective') has done it again ... this brand new website all about the feline purrrsuasion (is there any other subject worth writing about?) is filled with humor, poetry, there are photo's and great stories ... there's alittle something for everyone, make sure you check it out!

Dream Hunters - Cats Homepage
There are alot of interesting things going on here! Lots of kitties to meet and some great photo's. Window colors is a fun hobby you could learn about. Stop in and see what the kitties have in store for you!

The Monkey Boys : Nicky & Koko
Nicky and Koko - are the "Monkeyboys." The name derives from the fact the boys were born in November 1992, the Chinese Year of the Monkey: The Monkeyboys are also known as "Meezers," a term known throughout the world, along with all the other meezers, their intent is to take over our planet. Be sure to pay them a visit and see how they intend to do this!

Be-Mi-Kitties Paws Up
Award Winners

Kama's World
Kama's World is a world full of many things.... There's a projects page, Laughing Lizards, what's that you say - well go check it out at Kama's World. Don't forget to visit Zoe and Eliot (her kitties) while your there!

Barbara's Pot-Pourri Web Pages
This is another very beautifully done website the backgrounds are exceptionally pretty, Barbara has a variety of interests and has graciously put them on her website... If you like angels this is a good website to visit. Don't miss this one!!

Dog the Cat's House
Come meet Dog (the cat), this home is very visually appealing and has many other goodies like... a beautiful memorial to Measue a very missed furkid, cat care tips and of course one of our favorites - photo's - don't miss a visit here!

Sara's Cat Care Site
(Sara has moved without a forwarding addy
if anyone out there knows it please let us know .. Thanks)

Sara does rescue work with ferals and has some good info on the subject. Come and meet the rescues that decided that Sara was the one they wanted to own... way to go Sara!!

Boomer The CRAZY Cat
Boomer say's come in get comfy and let me give you some pointers on keeping your humans happy... Come meet Boomer and his family lots to see and do here!!

The Catnippers Page
The boys are waiting ... drop in and say 'Hello' maybe they'll share some catnip with you. There's alot of things to get into here and Ned & Alex are the puuurrrfect hosts!

The Scratching Post
Chris has done a very nice job creating this webhome, its brand new so check back occasionally and see what goodies he's come up with. Maybe we can talk him into putting up a picture or two of Puss-Puss!

Cat's Pride Webpage
Meet the members of the ALT.Discuss.Cats group. and their kitties! You'll find lots of info her about ... what else CATS!

The Cats Whiskers
Chris (from The 'Cat Collective') has done a very nice job creating this new kitty webpage, there are great stories, funny pictures, just a little bit of everything. Check it out and see what he's come up with now!

Sassy's Home On The Net
Come meet Sassy, a very cute russian blue who's got her paw firmly wrapped around Clara's heart! She sings, she models (cute photo's) and she's got a great webhome to run around and explore. She even has her own email service ... Wow! Don't forget to sign her Pawbook while your there.

Ya Done Good
Award Winners

Cinnamon, Baldwin and Asperagus interesting names 'huh', well come on by and read the interesting stories that go along with these kitties names! A fun and colorful site to visit!

Pet'escue Network
This is an absolutely Beautiful and Informative Webhome, if you've lost a pet this one place to be sure and look. They have a network of listings through out the world and are looking for volunteers to list missing and found pets in the USA and Countries that are not yet represented, so if you think you might be interested ... check them out.

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