Be-Mi-Kitties ... Top WebSites Rules
You must agreed to the following terms before registering:
1. No offensive, racial, or discriminatory language on your site please.
2. No porn/XXX sites or links to such sites are allowed. Any sites found containing this will be banned without notice. All sites listed here must be family friendly.
3. You must have the button on your site, and notify me within 2 weeks of signing up with it's exact location, it doesn't have to be on the page you sign up with, but you must tell me where it is. If I have not heard from you in 2 weeks, your site will be deleted. You may reapply at any time, same rules will apply.
4. Your banner must be no larger than 468 X 60, or 400 X 80, if it is I will resize it, if you need help with a banner let me know I will make you one that is the correct size.
5. All sites are reviewed within 24 hours and are not activated until they have been reviewed and found acceptable. You will be notified if your site is accepted.
6. The list resets once a month on approx. the 1st or 2nd day of the new month, so be sure and remember to vote for your site once everyday (tell your friends as well:) This is subject to change depending on list activity.You will receive an email with your User information, keep it in a safe place, you'll need it to edit your info. If your site info or email address changes and you don't update, your site will be suspended until the info is correct.
7. No vote exchanging allowed.

Thank you for joining!

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