In Loving Memory of SHONGO
October 21, 2002

You're a good boy they said. But we just don't have time for you anymore. We are sorry! Those are probably the last words that Shongo heard before the 4+ year old, 102 lb. male Rottweiler was dumped off at the Delaware County SPCA. That is when we received an email from a shelter volunteer who said you have to meet this big guy, he is a real sweetheart…good with all! So we did.

When we got to the shelter we found that Shongo was in desperate need of medical attention. He had cuts on his ears and face and worst of all his legs and lymph nodes were swollen. Looked like an infection. After just a few minutes we knew this big, silly, slobbery boy was a doll and we had to get him help. We told the shelter we'd make arrangements and get him to a vet ASAP. The weekend past and we came up with a plan to help Shongo and he was on his way to a luxury kennel for a bath and a trip to the vet.

Shongo, our special Rottie Angel Upon arrival at the vet everyone was appalled at the poor dogs condition. Still optimistic we sat down with the Vets … two Vets whom we trust and count on. They let us know that Shongo had cancer. Cancer that had spread through every lymph node in his body and had affected his liver. At this point there was no need for a biopsy or testing it was clear. Clear that this amazing creature that gave everyday of his life to the family that had left him behind would die peacefully with us, strangers. With that we took him out into the sunshine for a final walk and leg lift. Brought him back inside for a final bowl of food … he was happy. He even tried to eat the bowl!

I'm so sorry the Vet said … what a terrific dog. We arranged a soft blanket on the floor and as the sedation took effect we helped him get comfortable. The two of us lay on either side of him hugging him tightly. We love you we said and we'll see you soon. Go play with your friends, it's a better place. As quickly as he won our hearts he was quietly gone. He never got to know us but he did know he was safe and that he was loved, that was the only thing that was important to us.

This is the hardest part of doing rescue. The anger, bitterness and rage we feel toward the cowardly owners that left him when he needed them the most could consume us but we won't let it. We just remember that one of the best part's of rescue is getting to know amazing dogs like our Shongo and having a piece of them in our hearts forever.

We love you Shongo!

In Memory of Shongo

Written by Julie McKeever for Shongo, who crossed over
in the loving company of Julie & Leanne
October 21, 2002

Donations in his Memory can be made in his name to:

In Memory of Shongo c/o LHRRR
451 N. Main St.
Chalfont, PA.   18914

Your donations will help with the cost of medical care, neutering, shots, training and food for all dogs we pull from the shelter. Shongo would want to help another dog find a loving, forever family, something he didn't get here, he was a special dog and now is our special Rottie angel. We thank you for caring!

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