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Kare Team is desperate for FOSTER HOMES & VOLUNTEERS!! All of our animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested (heartworm or fiv/felv)and ready to go! Many are already housebroken!! We are overloaded as it is, and a few reliable fosters would be a godsend!! Please email Kasia at KareTeam@aol.com if you are interested fostering or volunteering. All foster placement is done on a trial basis.

What is Kare Team Sanctuary??
Kare Team Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue committed to the care and humane treatment of homeless and abandoned domestic dogs. Our ultimate goal is to build and staff a no-kill sanctuary where these animals can receive regular veterinary care, proper nutrition and exercise, as well as constant human interaction and affection. We are further committed to providing the animals the opportunity for adoption by appropriate individuals and/or being placed into established breed-specific rescue organizations nation-wide, for future adoptive placement. We are involved in educating the public regarding responsible pet ownership, and counseling potential adoptive persons in order to achieve the best possible match of animal with owner. Finally, we are committed to the humane care, both medical and social, of the animals within the sanctuary, if not adopted or rescued - for life.

Kasia Worrell - President, KTS

"Thousands of years ago, our ancestors domesticated wild cats and dogs for their own gain. Cats were used as symbols, as religious icons, and as companions. Dogs were used for protection, for work, for companionship, and even for food. Society today tends to forget that as humans, we are all inherently responsible for their welfare. In taking away their freedom, we committed ourselves to being their eternal guardians. How can it now be so easy to turn away from these animals when we are responsible for their very lives?? Kare Team Sanctuary is an achievable dream, a vision of a true safe haven for abandoned dogs. KTS is food for an empty canine belly, it is medicine for those that are sick, and safety for those who are terrified. It is, above all, a place where lives will never be measured in hours, but in years."

Kare Team Sanctuary

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