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Be-Mi-Kitties ... Play Pen

Kitties Play Pen

This is taken from my alley, it's a close-up of the enclosure we had built for them.
The cats love it and can't wait to go out each morning!!

Kitties Play Pen

This is taken from my back door looking out to the alley.

Kitties Play Pen

This is taken looking out towards my neighbors house next door.

Kitties Play Pen

Looking out towards the alley to my neighbors on the left.

Kitties Play Pen

Taken from the alley right after I opened the door,
the kitties are on their way out for the day.
It measures about 21 feet both ways.

Kitties Play Pen

Still strolling out for the day!

When we first put this up the cats came pouring out when the door opened and would run away when it was time to come in. They have figured out now that they can go out everyday so they all come in now when it's dark and I call them. Sometimes we have a straggler, but they don't like for me to pick them up and bring them in so they know when I call they better come in!!

We had this custom built for us and it is screwed into either side of the house, it is 4 panels and can be taken down and moved with us if we ever move. It can be added to, or be made bigger and the shape can be changed. The panels are each approximately 10' 8 inches (these measurements are not exact as it was built custom to our house), and are connected with brackets. the bottom sits on the ground and we did not dig post holes.

I put the chicken wire across the top, not so much because I thought the cats could get out (it's over 8 feet high), but to keep hawks and other preditory birds out. So it is totally enclosed.

The total cost was under $900.00 and it took the company that custom built the panels only 4 days from the time they came and measured to the time of installation. It took me a weekend to put up the chicken wire. It is the BEST investment we have ever made, the cats can go out and be with us when we barbeque, I don't have to worry about them ticking any neighbors off by going potty in their flower beds. The gates have locks on them to keep anyone from accidentally letting the cats out.

Also be sure and Visit Be-Mi-Kitties Community Photo Album and sign up for your FREE Album Account!
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