Myths and Facts About FIP 
For a cat to get FIP, several things must happen first:
-- exposed to FECV (feline enteric corona virus, about as common as human cold)
-- the FECV mutates inside that particular cat's body, AND
-- that particular cat has a genetic predisposition to getting FIP
FIP is really an immune response gone wild. It is very very different in nature from other cat diseases.

When you've been told your cat has tested FECV positive (which would be most rescue cats, breeder cats, and many pet cats, they can go in and out of testing positive), it's pretty NON-significant, there is no FIP test!!

Here are some valuable links about FIP, please educate yourself about this very misunderstood virus that brings about many unnecessary kitty deaths by euthanasia.

  FIP Links         10/20/2003 

Dr. Susan Little’s excellent overview on FIP:, with links to more info

FIP – Frequently Asked Questions

Horzinek, M.C. and Lutz, H. (2001) An update of feline infectious peritonitis. Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow , Issue 1 an EXCELLENT technical diagnostic flowchart for diagnosing FIP
This flowchart is well worth seeking out and printing out, for yours and your vets knowledge.

The Orion Foundationexcellent info on FIP

Dr. Addie’s FIP and coronavirus website – she is a prominent FIP researcher

Second International Feline Coronavirus/Feline Infectious Peritonitis Symposium
They are selling videos of the workshops, which included a workshop on FIP issues in shelters/rescues.

Very interesting account of a cat who was diagnosed with FIP, treatment, by his immunologist people. Not clear on what basis the FIP diagnosis was decided on.

FIP is a very misunderstood virus and it's very important that we not contribute to such myths, as they are used by people to KILL cats who were perfectly healthy.
contributed by Gesine
who lost Sugarpuss to FIP, when he was 9 years old in 1984

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