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Ad ID: 100757-10962 Posted on 28-Mar-2005 Expires on 17-May-2087

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  • BonAmi
    Contact Information
    Posted by: translator-girl
    Location: Montreal Canada - Quebec
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    Ad Information
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    Ad Description
    Update (March 24th, 2005):
    BonAmi has found a new "mom", and is happily sleeping on her bed with her at night. He also enjoys perching on her windowsill during the day, and gets plenty of love!

    A happy ending for all!

    (Original post, February 12th 2005)

    BonAmi (Good Friend in French) is an exceptionally loving & affectionate lap cat. He is a very handsome, tall and large cat (19,7 pounds!), is neutered, current on vaccinations, VIF+ though asymptomatic (healthy, not showing symptoms of illness) and FeLV-negative. Has has not been declawed (and shouldn't be!). He does not scratch furniture (not in my house anyway).

    He obviously was someone's loyal friend at some point of his life, but he's been abandoned or got lost, and was never claimed.

    He loves to be petted and to sit on your lap for as long as you're willing to sit! :) He purrs and comes to greet you as soon as you enter the room, and is an intelligent, house-trained boy.

    He currently lives in my home office, as I can't let him in contact with my own cats (they are FIV-). He is such an affectionate and cuddly guy, he would love to have a family of his own. He has only seen my cats from a few feet away, but he doesn't seem aggressive with them at all (barely even curious about them).

    All that he wants is for me to step into my (his?) office and sit down to lavish love on him.

    He is calm, loves to look out the window, but mostly, he wants to be petted. He would make a most loving and rewarding friend!

    See a picture here:

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