Chat RULES: No bad language, we want this to be a fun, friendly enviornment for all chatters. Any violators will be removed and banned. Any subject is open to discussion, although as you may have guessed by the Name of the Chat Room, cats are my main topic of interest.

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There are 3 rooms available to use, so I would guess one would always be available. Please be courteous and don't barge in on another groups chat.

This Chatter Box is available to anyone to use. If you get here and there is already a chat in progress, please make sure you are welcome to stay. If they ask you to leave, please do so and reschedule your chat for a later time.

Don't be a piggy, if there are people waiting to use the Chatter Box, limit your chat session to 2 hours. If the waiting group returns in 2 hours and the previous group won't relinquish the room, let me know, you can email me with the time and date and I will email them. I do not have to be here for the Chatter Box to be used (however the rules above still apply), please be courteous ... well start chatting!!

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