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This ring is for people who LOVE kitties, therefore your page must be of a cat-related theme (real kitties preferably, but any good kitty page will be considered.

Your website must contain NO Nudity or Violence or Abuse of Animals or Children and NO Adult links or Profanity etc ... in other words it must be family oriented.

If you are an AOL subscriber, please be sure to go to MEMBERS - PREFERENCE - WWW and select "uncompressed graphic", this is VERY IMPORTANT. That way when you upload the graphics they will be viewable by all, not just AOL subscribers, I will not enter sites that have no visible graphics! If you do not do this your graphics will look fine to you, but NON - AOL subscribers will not see them.

You must save the graphic to your own server and copy and paste the ring code to your page, it doesn't have to be on the main page but
* must be the page you submit here, (the ONLY exceptions will be framed pages with a clear and visible link to your webring page)!

If you have any problems just email Belinda and I'll be glad to help you.

After the ring is on your page let me know by email and I will get back to you within a week.

Make sure you include the address of the page the ring is on (remember the page you put the ring on is the page everyone will come to when surfing the ring), so you might want to put it on your main page or make sure you have a link from the ring page to your home page (you'd be surprised how many people don't do this and no one can visit their page)!

The ring should look like the one below when your finished, your code will not work until I've added you to the ring. Please be sure to download the graphic to your harddrive and then upload it to your website or it won't be visible. DO NOT direct link to me, this is illegal and will be dealt with, if your not sure what this means please ask.

Please copy & paste the code below and put your # where indicated     --id--    
and your email in where indicated. Let me know if you need help.

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